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Amplifi helps you reach live sports audiences across the most popular leagues and networks.

The Most Popular Leagues. The Most Watched Networks.

Sports fans are increasingly streaming major and live sporting events. According to SpotX, 63% of sports fans are interested in paying for sports OTT content (70% for households with children and 78% for intense sports fans). You can now reach your target audience across premium sports with Amplifi’s sports offerings. Add sports programming into your Amplifi plan as additional premium content or focus on a guaranteed sports package to ensure your ads run across games and events including NCAA Sports, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey, PGA Golf, NASCAR, Soccer, and more.


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Learn how Amplifi helped a higher education client improve enrollment with a targeted media strategy...

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A hospice client used Amplifi to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. Click the button below to see full results...

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