Amplifi Digital Audio

Amplifi connects your message to your customers through digital audio's most popular platforms.

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We're All Ears

Connect your audio message with your customers through Amplifi’s digital audio. Amplifi has private marketplace (PMP) deals with Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, Audiology, Entercom, Soundcloud and more. Target your custom audience across platforms, on podcasts, or by specific genres.


People Are Listening

Reach a large and growing audience with digital audio ads.  In 2020 the average American listens 84 minutes of digital audio per day (eMarketer).  And according to Forrester Research, only six percent of U.S. online adults are willing to pay to access streaming online radio services. As audio is on during times that you are not able to reach customers with screens (driving, at the gym, on a run), it is a personal space to effectively reach customers.  Audio offers a strong response to ads and highly measurable results in a brand safe environment.

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In 2020 the average American listens to 84 minutes of digital audio per day (eMarketer).

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The Sound of Success

Impressions delivered by network, spend by network and performance by network are all measured and reported. Reporting shows impressions, completed listens, listen rate, cost per listen, listens by device and key goals such as form leads and other key actions on your website. See how many unique persons your campaigns reached and the average frequency per person.


The Sound of Success

Amplifi measures impressions delivered, views, video completion rate (VCR), cost per completed view, clicks, click dthrough rate, and post click and post impression key actions. Set up measurements for form conversions, locations views, specials views, and any other key action on your website.  

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Digital AudioENT

Formats & Best Practices

  • Length: :15, :30
  • File Types: .MP3, .M4A, .WAV
  • Bitrate: 160 kbps or less
  • Companion Banner File Types: .JPEG, .PNG
  • When possible, :15 spots are recommended as it provides a better user experience and consumers are less likely disengage while listening
  • Best to position branding in the first :5 of the audio