Amplifi Digital OOH

Drive action with high impact ads as your future customers interact outside of their home.

Digital OOH billboards on full display in downtown New York City.

What Is It

DOOH or digital out-of-home advertising via Amplifi allows you to reach a large audience through digital billboards and digital signage placements in airports, on street furniture, in transit, at retail locations, in leisure buildings, on university vending machines, in gyms, in taxis, in hotels, at cinemas, at arenas, at the pumps at gas stations, and more. Amplifi accesses premium inventory across Lamar, Outfront, Clear Channel and more. In addition to outdoor billboards, placements can include AccentHealth, Cinema Scene, LifeFitness, TopGolf, PatientPoint, Screen Vision Media, Curb Taxi Media, and more.


High Impact

DOOH ads yield a high impact in the physical world. Ads are targeted by geography, time of day, temperature and weather, and physical locations and categories.

Woman holding her mobile phone looking at the bright lights on a busy city street.

66% of smartphone users took some type of action on their device after seeing an OOH.


Seeing Success

Your Amplifi reporting will showcase impressions served, audience impressions, CPM, time of day, and geo.

Digital OOH billboard in the city.

Formats & Best Practices

  • Display and Video assets are acceptable formats for DOOH and can be repurposed from existing video and display campaigns.  The standard sizes are: 300x250, 728x90,160x600, 300x600 and :15 video
  • On average, display ads appear for 8-10 seconds before rotating to another advertiser’s ad. It is recommended to ensure that the ad’s copy size is sufficient for the audience to read it from the intended viewing distance and to ensure the display is bright enough to be viewed in its environment to ensure a gesture based interface is intuitive enough for the audience to successfully complete the task or reach the goal.