Shopping Ads

Product listing ads prominently put your products in front of ready to buy shoppers.

Be Seen Where People are Shopping

49% of consumers agree that they have done more shopping online in the past year, with American retailers now spending 76% of their search ad budgets on Google Shopping ads. The Moran Group can put your products in front of people ready to purchase.

Product Visibility

Shopping ads are the first thing a user sees in the search results following a search for a particular product. Additionally, these ads are also featured on search engine Shopping & Images tabs, YouTube, MSN, Yahooo and other search partner and display network sites.

Grow Your Leads & Sales

The success of a Shopping Ads campaign is measured in qualified leads and sales, resulting in an improved return on spend. Shopping ads are an extremely cost effective way to market your products to engaged, low-funnel shoppers across the internet.


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