Amplifi Native Advertising

Amplifi helps attract attention for your product or service through native ads on premium placements.

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What Is It

Native Advertising is a paid placement that focuses on sharing insight with your audience in the format that matches the form of the website it's placed on. Native advertising appears cohesive with the page design in such a way that the user feels like the native ad belongs with the content.


Quality by Association

Associate your brand with premium content while sharing information with your targeted audience. 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through content (Content Marketing Institute) and engagement is 50% higher with premium editorial websites than with general online browsing (The Drum).

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Native ads capture the attention of your audience while building relevance for your brand.

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Making an Impact

Due to the “sponsored” format that many native ads use, the “sponsorship” brings additional value from the publisher to your brand. The value and attention of native ads contribute to a 8.8x higher CTR (click through rate) versus a traditional display banner (AppNexus). Additionally native ads can help lift a brand by up to 82% (MarketingLand).


Seeing Success

A primary key performance indicator (KPI) of native ads is engagement.  To better measure engagement we measure pageviews, clickthrough rates (CTR), and time spent on the article.  Additionally, Amplifi tracks post click and post impression conversions attributed to native ads.

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Formats & Best Practices

  • Image format: 1200x627 (1.91:1 aspect ratio)
  • Video: 5 minute maximum (file size less than 2 GB)
  • Logo: 200x200 (1:1 aspect ratio)
  • Short title (mobile): 25 character max
  • Long title (desktop): 90 character max
  • Short description (mobile): 90 character max
  • Long description (desktop): 140 character max
  • Sponsor: 25 character max
  • CTA: 15 character max
  • Because of the diversity of where native ads may be displayed, we recommend providing multiple assets so that we can pick the best one to match each impression.