Audience-First Advertising Across Premium Channels

Amplifi targets your most relevant customers when and where they are most likely to convert.

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Unify your advertising budgets & campaigns with a holistic cross channel approach.

Amplifi’s connected TV offering allows you to connect with your audience in premium ad supported video on demand programming.

Premium media networks available to you on Amplifi by The Moran Group.

Raise brand awareness and drive conversions with online video running on premium content across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • Run ads in premium content.
  • Tell your story when and where your audience prefers to consume content.
  • Measure post-impression key actions to better understand what's driving conversions.
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Agencies and advertisers are using Amplifi's display advertising to raise awareness and strengthen low-funnel conversions.

  • Run on premium websites, local news sites, and mobile apps.
  • Stay in front of your audience through their entire customer journey.
  • Measure key actions for performance and optimization.
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Connect with in-market customers through Amplifi's digital audio platform, featuring Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, Soundcloud and more.

  • Complement your existing online and offline campaigns.
  • Target your customers across platforms, podcasts, and specific music genres.
  • 94% of online audio listeners still use ad supported platforms.
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Attract attention and associate your brand with prime content through native ads on premium placements.

  • Captures attention while building brand relevance.
  • Appears cohesively within page design.
  • Engagement is 50% higher on premium editorial websites.
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Drive action and deliver impact as your future customers venture outside their homes.

  • Reach large audiences with digital billboards and digital signage placements.
  • Access premium inventory from Lamar, Outfront, Clear Channel, and more.
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Premium Content

Placement matters. Amplifi delivers your message in brand safe content across premium networks.

Strategic Targeting

With access to an endless amount of audience data, Amplifi gives you complete flexibility with targeting and scale.

Eliminate Waste

Amplifi focuses your marketing budget on in-market customers delivering a higher ROI on your overall ad spend.

Analytics Dashboard
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Have you ever been unimpressed with the lack of details your current OTT reporting gives you? Sure, VCR, CPMs, impressions, and spend are needed in reporting, but what about all of the actionable insights?  The Fuel Gauge puts all of the results at your fingertips in a pretty package.  Glance at an executive summary to see a campaign rollup across channels or dive into channel dashboards to see which apps your connected TV ads are running on, impressions by zip code, performance by campaign and more.  The Fuel Gauge includes the following Amplifi metrics plus many more.  

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Education Client
Success Story

Learn how Amplifi helped a higher education client improve enrollment with a targeted media strategy...

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Hospice Client
Success Story

A hospice client used Amplifi to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. Click the button below to see full results...

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