A Higher Education Institution Needed to Boost Enrollment.

Amplifi provided the targeting and reach required to hit their goal.


Increase enrollment and be the leading community college in the Houston DMA.


In previous years, had seen the enrollment numbers on the decline. They were also having a hard time reaching their target audiences due to heavy spends in traditional media.


After analyzing historical data and performance from prior campaign years, we repositioned media dollars to Amplifi, as well as, segmented the audiences between "Influencers" and "Prospective enrollees". Influencers (AKA parents/guardians in the household) were targeting with heavier traditional media while prospective students were targeting with heavy digital paid media.

New users to the website.

YOY 2018-2019

Site visitors when campaign launched.

September to mid-October 2019

Lift in program specific conversions.

Those exposed to ads vs those that were not exposed


Board Members and staff have all commented on what a great campaign it has been.  They feel the creative speaks to all the various demographics they serve (i.e. young/old, various ethnicities) and is an excellent representation of what they stand for in the community.

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