Amplifi Connected TV

Connected TV with Amplifi puts your message in front of active, in market shoppers while providing insights on actions and conversions.

Premium media networks available to you on Amplifi by The Moran Group.

Streaming Content & Audiences Are Growing

With over 5 million impressions every second, effectively reach your audience on top apps such as Hulu, TubiTV, PlutoTV, CNN, Fox News, and more.  Amplifi has PMP (private marketplace) deals with Hulu, Sling TV, CNN, Turner, NBCU, Univision and many more.


How It Works

Connected TV advertising allows you to reach your target audience during premium programs on connected TVs.  A connected TV is any television that is connected to the internet via an OTT (over the top) device, smart TV, gaming console, Blu-Ray player, or streaming box or stick.  The connection to the internet allows the viewer to access long-form and short-form web based content such as programs on TubiTV (free), Hulu (paid subscription), or shorter content on YouTube and other apps. 

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Connected TV Reduces Waste, Allowing You to Cost-Effectively Reach Your Audience.

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Measuring Success

Amplifi measures and analyzes the impact of your connected TV advertising through a variety of metrics including impressions delivered, video completion rate (VCR), and view-through conversions.  Delivery by apps and delivery by geo is also reported along with reach and frequency metrics across apps.  Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) measurement is also available by age and gender - including reach, frequency, GRP, impressions, on-target percentage, and cost per point.


Formats & Best Practices

  • Length: :15, :30, :60, :90 videos accepted
  • Certain requirements (such as bitrates) vary drastically by publisher, however there is generally a minimum of 1200 kbps to 1500 kbps (and 1.6 mbps to 3.2 mbps is preferred)
  • Recommend running :15 or :30 spots, inventory availability dramatically decreases for video lengths beyond :30
  • :15 videos are the standard, however given the unskippable nature of the CTV viewing, we recommend adding :30 into the mix to run where possible
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