Amplifi Online Video

Reach your audience within premium content, across multiple devices, when and where they consume media.

Young adults using mobile devices.Premium media networks available to you on Amplifi by The Moran Group.Premium media networks available to you on Amplifi by The Moran Group.

Connect with Audiences Across All Devices

Reach your audience where and when they are consuming media. Raise awareness of your brand and drive conversions through online video. Run on premium content (long-form or short-form) across mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Online Video

How It Works

Online video advertising includes advertisements that play before, during or after content watched on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Most Amplifi campaigns run online video ads in premium long-form content (vs. user generated content or short form programming).  

Young adult male using a laptop computer.

Associating your brand with premium content on mobile drives brand lift and increases clicks to your website.

Young adult female using a mobile device with her happy dog.

Making an Impact

Your video ad tells your story to your customers when and where they prefer to watch content. Associating your brand with premium content on mobile devices drives brand lift while increasing clicks and conversions to your website.


Seeing Success

Amplifi measures impressions delivered, views, video completion rate (VCR), cost per completed view, clicks, click dthrough rate, and post click and post impression key actions. Set up measurements for form conversions, locations views, specials views, and any other key action on your website.  

Measuring success using an analytics dashboard on a mobile device.
Young adult female using her laptop to watch entertainment.

Formats & Best Practices

  • Length: :5, :15, :30, :60
  • File Types: .MP4, .FLV, .WEBM, .MOV, .MPG, .MPEG
  • Formats: 16:9 or 4:3
  • File Size: 200MB Maximum File Size, 2500 kbps or greater
  • Given the nature of the skippable environment, we recommend :15 spots as this provides a better user experience and less likely to skip
  • Best to position branding in the first :5 of the video, in the event the user does skip the video