Campaign Security

Amplifi uses WhiteOps Fraud Protection to keep your marketing investment safe and secure.

WhiteOps Fraud Protection

Amplifi offers industry-leading fraud protection at no extra cost to you. Fraud protection via WhiteOps Media Guard comes standard with every campaign run by Amplifi. WhiteOps scans every impression in real time. If non-human traffic or fraudulent traffic is identified, WhiteOps blocks the impression BEFORE it serves ensuring that you don’t pay a cent for fraudulent traffic and that your impressions serve to your target audience, not bots.  2020 YTD WhiteOps has blocked over xx impressions, saving thousands of dollars for clients. The following SSPs work with White Ops and The Trade Desk to block sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT)...

  • PubMaticAdapTV
  • AdapTV (ONE by AOL)
  • BrightRoll (Yahoo)
  • Beachfront
  • LKQD
  • Index Exchange (Casale)
  • Open X
  • Optimatic
  • Telaria (Tremor)
  • GumGum / Floor6 
  • RhythmOne (AdConductor) 
  • Genesis Media (Altitude Digital) 
  • Beanstock (Helix) 
  • Sonobi
  • TripleLift 
  • Sovrn (Federated Media) 
  • Smaato
  • AOLadtech (ONE Display)
  • Millennial (ONE Mobile)
  • Rightmedia (Yahoo BRXD)
  • Rubicon
  • AdColony (Omax) 
  • Synacor (Technorati) 
  • Google

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