Cross Device Targeting

Reach your customer across multiple screens and devices, staying relevant during the entire purchase journey.

Be Seen on Every Screen

The average US household has 7 connected devices with screens to view content (2019 study by Deloitte).

Cross Device Graphing

Extend your audience reach, control your frequency, and capture and report on more conversions.


Gain insights into usage and trends across all devices to optimize campaigns for better overall results.

Covering the entire customer journey.

Showing up when and where your customer prefers, leads to increased customer engagement.  No matter how often they jump from their smartphone to connected TV to their desktop and back to a mobile device, cross-device targeting allows your brand to stay engaged with your customer.

Cross-device attribution drives performance.

Amplifi analyzes which devices and browsing environments lead to the most conversions, identifying the role that every channel plays in a user’s conversion. As your campaigns are running, Amplifi optimizes by device for better conversions. Amplifi’s reporting showcases conversions by device along with the path to conversion by device.


Education Client
Success Story

Learn how Amplifi helped a higher education client improve enrollment with a targeted media strategy...

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Hospice Client
Success Story

A hospice client used Amplifi to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. Click the button below to see full results...

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