Conversion Lift Reporting

Amplifi’s conversion lift capabilities helps you understand the impact of your ads in driving conversions.

Is your marketing moving the needle?

A certain number of conversions are going to happen organically regardless of whether or not the user sees your media. But what percentage of conversions were driven by your advertisements versus those who would have converted without ads? The incremental lift, or the percentage of users that convert because they saw your advertisement, helps drive results for your advertising campaigns.

How is incremental lift measured?

Amplifi looks to split your target audience into a test group and a control group. We hold the control group out of the campaign so they will not see any media. The test group does see media and is used to determine incremental conversion lift. Conversion lift can be tested and measured by advertiser, by channel (CTV versus online video), by campaign or by target audience (lookalike audience versus retargeting). When measuring lift across different segments, conversion lift studies can help determine the best way to drive incremental conversions.


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