SEO Content Strategy Tips

SEO Content Strategy Tips

Emily Kerner
Date Published:
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

At this point, everyone knows that quality crafted content is key to SEO and organic traffic success for small businesses. If your business has a certain product or service they want to capture more traffic for, you may not know where to start in order to improve your organic presence. With this case study, The Moran Group Advertising Agency illustrates content best practices and hard data points on success we’ve gotten for our clients. Let’s dive into the basics of a content strategy that you can implement for your business. 

As a reminder, all SEO content and optimizations need to start with discovering top searched keywords and phrases related to your product or service. What are potential customers typing into search engines that should trigger your business? What searches are you already ranking well for and what searches could use improvement? What questions are your customers asking when they contact you about your services or products? Once you’ve determined your key phrases, topics, and queries to target, it’s time to start creating optimized content that works for both search engines and your customers! 

Step one is to make sure your website has a dedicated landing page for the product or service you’re highlighting. You may already have an existing page you can flush out and optimize or you may have to create one from scratch. Look at your website and its current content before deciding what you need. Your content optimizations need to cover commonly asked questions and hit on those selected top searched phrases. Once your page is created and fully optimized, make sure it’s published and linked out throughout your site. This makes it easy for both search engines and customers to easily find your content and information. 

After you’ve built out the dedicated, optimized landing page, it’s time to create a corresponding blog post on the topic. Blog posts are a great way to dive into deeper details about specific features or answer niche questions on the topic. Is there a certain question you constantly get from customers you want to answer? Is there an exciting differentiator on this product you need to call out? Blog posts are the great place to tackle these minutia. It’s important to link your blog post back to your landing page to again make it easy for customers and search engines to tie the two together. 

Now that you’ve maximized the optimized content on your business’ website, it’s time to highlight the product on social media channels. Create engaging text and include a link back to your landing page or blog post, and publish it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc as it makes sense for your target audience. 

But does this work? The proof is in the pudding! Following this content road map, we were able to increase impressions, clicks, and traffic for Tundra related keywords for a local Toyota dealership in Texas. Tundra organic impressions increased 2,090%, Tundra organic clicks increased 335%, and Tundra landing page sessions increased 53% looking year over year. Having a clear and optimized content strategy allowed the client to show for more relevant searches and capture more organic website visitors. 

If you need help determining what products or services to push organically for your business, the digital marketing experts at The Moran Group are here to help! Get in touch with us today to get a customer content strategy for your business and see how we can help drive quality website traffic and customers for you.

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