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New Patients Year Over Year

Perkins Dental Care saw a 178% boost in Click-Through Rate (CTR), a 77% lift in Conversion Rate, and a 76% YOY increase in new patients after partnering with The Moran Group!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Clicks, calls and leads are the critical last steps to delivering results. The Moran Group’s SEO team specializes in turning website traffic into real revenue for your practice.

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Search Engine
Marketing (SEM)

An optimized paid search strategy is the cornerstone of driving new patients to your practice. The Moran Group’s team of experienced SEM managers and analysts have the tools and expertise to keep your campaigns on target and within budget.

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Social Media Strategy

A sound social media strategy is important in keeping your patients engaged and your practice top of mind. The Moran Group can help you develop and execute a social media marketing plan across Facebook and Instagram that will strengthen patient loyalty to help support long term growth.

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AMPLIFI Targeted Video

Targeted digital video, audio, and display is the most cost-effective way to be seen by those most likely to convert through their entire online journey. From building your target audience to executing cohesive creative, Amplifi allows you to track intenders across multiple devices, channels, and platforms.

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