Why Should Automotive Dealers Advertise on Linear TV?

Why Should Automotive Dealers Advertise on Linear TV?

Holly Andrews
Date Published:
Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Only 9% are ready to buy; Nearly 90% are waiting to be convinced.

When you talk to the 9% ready to buy a new car, truck, or SUV...

  • You will be one of many dealers following these leads.
  • The in-market shopper already knows they are buying a car.
  • The in-market shopper’s decision comes down to price.
  • Less loyal.
  • Less profitable.

Q: How do you talk to the other 90%?
A: You have to advertise on the medium that reaches the masses.

The Power of Television

  • TV has an 80% Reach. Higher than any other platform.
  • Local broadcast news is the most trusted source of news. 
  • Local broadcast viewers, even streamers, watch the local news.
  • Consumers start and end their day with TV - then they reach out to cable, radio, social media, streaming - and back to TV. Being on television builds duplication of views.
  • Television ads create motivation to do further research online.

What Happens Through a Consumer’s Journey?

  • They’re seeing my advertising. 
  • They’re listening to me. 
  • You have established a relationship. 
  • When the 90% are ready to buy, they are going to give me a shot.
  • Higher closing rate.
  • Loyal customer. 
  • More profitable. 

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