Which Video Platform Is Better For Your Marketing Strategy?

Which Video Platform Is Better For Your Marketing Strategy?

Holly Andrews
Date Published:
Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Linear TV or Digital Video?

The answer is BOTH.

Linear TV reaches a mass audience immediately and creates an emotional connection. 

  • Linear TV strategy is the strongest medium to create brand awareness of a product and increase market share.   
  • It creates consideration and purchase intent of a product. 
  • Linear TV has a broad reach and appeal 
  • Cost-efficient and brand safe. 
  • Allows for sponsorship branding opportunities to maximize the reach of the message.
  • Allows for on-air talent to be used as Influencers for products.
  • Allows for transparency. You know when and in exactly what program your spot runs. 
  • Posting a TV buy provides station accountability to make sure the campaign delivered what was ordered. 
  • Linear TV is still the most powerful top-of-the purchase funnel medium, this is essential in creating brand awareness and constantly bringing new customers into the buying cycle. 

Digital Video reaches the engaged person. 

  • Digital video has more granular targeting capabilities to reach persons “ready to buy” in the lower purchase funnel.
  • Provides geo-targeting. 
  • Digital video provides retargeting capabilities
  • Provides attribution. 
  • It is a one-on-one engagement, as it serves an ad to a person when and where they consume media. 

The best scenario is a television strategy using a media mix of both Linear TV and Digital Video. This will maximize the reach of the product message while touching consumers throughout the purchase cycle.  

The blended television campaign will create brand awareness and reach new consumers in the upper purchase funnel on Linear TV combined with a geo, hyper-targeted digital video campaign reaching consumers in the lower purchase funnel as they are ready to buy!

According to the recent TVB Media Comparison Study 2021*:

  • Linear TV/Cable has the highest reach of any other platform at 80%. 
  • People spend the most time watching Linear TV with an average of 5:46 hours of daily viewing. 
  • Linear TV ads motivates people to do further research online.
  • TVB Media Comparison Study

If you have questions about your marketing plan or would like our help in crafting the perfect balance of traditional and digital marketing strategies, please reach out to our experts today!

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