Top Digital Marketing Trends Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

Top Digital Marketing Trends Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

Sandra Denn
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Thursday, October 19, 2023

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of today, the healthcare industry is no stranger to the transformative influence of technology. Like many other sectors, healthcare has experienced a substantial shift in marketing approaches due to the rise of digital media. As patients increasingly rely on the internet for information and solutions, digital marketing within the healthcare field has emerged as an indispensable means of reaching, engaging, and retaining patients. With the capability to precisely target specific audiences, assess outcomes, and adapt campaigns in real-time, paid digital media marketing has become a fundamental instrument for healthcare providers and organizations. To maintain competitiveness and enhance patient care, healthcare institutions must stay abreast of the most recent digital marketing trends. In this blog, we will explore the current developments that are reshaping the landscape of paid digital media marketing within healthcare.

Infographic displaying larlge corporate heathcare acquisitions from 2021-2022 by companies such as Humana and Amazon - Top Digital Trend Reshaping Healthcare Marketing

Telemedicine and Virtual Care

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of telemedicine. Healthcare providers are now investing in digital marketing to promote their virtual care services. From online consultations to remote monitoring, telemedicine offers convenience and accessibility, and marketing efforts are crucial to ensure patients know about these services.

Content Marketing for Patient Education

Patients are more proactive about their health than ever before. Content marketing, such as blogs, videos, and infographics, is being used to educate patients about various health conditions, treatments, and preventive measures. Healthcare organizations are becoming valuable sources of information, building trust with their audience.  A staggering 58% of 65+ consumers rely on online resources to find health related info. 

Video Ads and Live Streaming

Video content continues to dominate digital media. Healthcare providers are using video ads to explain complex procedures, showcase patient success stories, and connect with their audience on a more personal level. Live streaming events, such as webinars or Q&A sessions, provide real-time engagement with patients.  Take a look at which device each generation purchased between 2019-2021.  

Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular in healthcare marketing. These platforms offer robust targeting options, allowing healthcare organizations to reach specific demographics and engage with potential patients.  For example, Facebook has continued to skew towards an older demographic (i.e. 40 and above) so depending on your target audience, it is essential you identify which platform (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.) will be best suited for reaching your target consumer.

Influencer Marketing

Healthcare providers are collaborating with healthcare influencers, doctors, and patients to promote their services or products. These influencers can reach a broad audience and build trust through their expertise and personal experiences.

In conclusion, paid digital media marketing in healthcare is evolving rapidly, offering new opportunities to connect with patients and improve patient experiences. By staying updated with these trends and embracing the latest technologies, healthcare providers can effectively reach their target audience, provide valuable information, and ultimately, enhance the overall quality of healthcare marketing in the digital age.

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