How Reels & Video Content Can Take Your Business’s Social Media Presence To The Next Level

How Reels & Video Content Can Take Your Business’s Social Media Presence To The Next Level

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

If you own or manage a small business, you’re likely already aware of the importance of having a presence on social media channels. While a targeted and custom posting schedule is important, The Moran Group dives into how video content - specifically Instagram Reels - can increase your visibility on social media and boost your engagements. Let’s start with the basics: what are Instagram Reels?

Instagram recently consolidated all video content to post as an “Instagram Reel.” Reels are engaging video content your business can post, and they have the ability to show to both your current followers and a new audience. Reels content shows on the Reels Tab, on the Instagram home feed, and in the Explore tab. Most social platforms favor video content as video media typically sees a higher engagement rate than a static post. Learn more about Instagram Reels and how they can build your audience.

At The Moran Group, we started posting weekly Reels for an existing social media client we manage. The results speak for themselves! Here’s what we saw after a month of updating our content posting strategy to include Reels:

  • 407% increase in engagement rate
  • 439% growth in client’s reach
  • 537% increase in interactions

If your business isn’t utilizing video content on social media, you’re missing out on reaching and engaging with a much larger audience. Start thinking about what types of videos make sense to shoot and work into your social strategy. Can you highlight a new product your customers may be interested in? Do you have some “behind the scenes” footage that could easily get made into a video? Is it worth creating an FAQ video to highlight common questions?

The Moran Group offers full-service social media strategy and management to businesses just like yours! From identifying your target audience to competitor analysis to a robust video strategy, let our team of experts handle it. Get in touch with us today to learn about our social media packages and how you can maximize your reach and ROI on social media!

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