Reach Hispanic Consumers Through Paid Search With Moran Group Advertising

Reach Hispanic Consumers Through Paid Search With Moran Group Advertising

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach Hispanic consumers in your paid search campaigns. Hispanics represent a large percentage of the U.S. population and according to Google, search is the top online resource used by U.S. Hispanics for gathering information about a purchase.

This same survey conducted by Google, showed that more than half of U.S Hispanic consumers who use online resources during their research process are doing so on their smartphone devices. It’s important for this tech-savvy audience to get the information they need to make a purchase - online or in-store.

Best practices we recommend following:

1. Do not translate ad copy directly from English to Spanish

  • ~It’s important to do your research! Due to differing dialects of the Spanish language, words can have different meanings.
  • ~Google Translate should not be your best friend. For example, the Spanish phrase “Hablando del rey de Roma,” can be translated as “speak of the devil!” or “your ears were itching right?” But the literal translation would equate to “Speaking of the king of Rome.” 
  • ~This is exactly why it’s important to partner with a marketing team that knows the Spanish language well.

2. Adjust your language setting in Google Ads

  • ~According to Google, over 30% of online media consumption in the United States is conducted by searchers who use both Spanish and English interchangeably. Because of the bilingual nature of this audience, users are comfortable landing on an English website and only one in five will look for a Spanish website. By creating ad campaigns for both Spanish and English terms, you are ensuring your presence during the research phase of U.S Hispanics purchase journey.    
  • ~Google also recently shared results from a case study which showed adjusting language targeting to include Spanish resulted in a 5.7% uplift in clicks at a 70% lower cost-per-click. 

3. Include cultural relevance in your ad content

  • ~At the beginning of the pandemic last year, our team updated ad copy for one of our clients in McAllen, TX to callout vehicle delivery: “Entrega A Domicilio Disponible” and shopping online options: “Tu Salud Y Seguridad Es Nuestra Prioridad. Compra En Línea Desde La Comodidad De Tu Casa.”
  • ~This ad copy resonated with Spanish speaking shoppers dealing with COVID as the campaign saw a 170% increase in clicks at an improved 27.14% average CTR. 
  • ~Another great way to include cultural relevance in your ad content is maximizing your ad presence in auctions by utilizing ad extensions. 

Increase your company’s reach by tapping into the ever-growing Hispanic market in New Orleans, Houston, and the United States overall. You don’t need to be fluent in Spanish, because we’ve got you covered! At Moran Group Advertising, our paid search team includes multilingual team members who are fluent in Spanish which helps us bid on relevant keywords and create compelling ad copy for our client’s Spanish campaigns. Contact us today!

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