Localizing Your Social Media Presence

Localizing Your Social Media Presence

Karli Ohlenforst
Social Media
Date Published:
Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What is social media localization? It is the process of adapting your social media strategy and content to specific regions. It's about more than just creating multilingual content; it's about truly conveying the essence of your audience's cultural nuances and current events to craft societally relatable messaging.

Localized content will not only keep your audience more interested, but it will also drive additional visitors to your website because they can identify with it. More shares, likes, and comments come from higher engagement, which will increase your exposure to the intended audience.

Here are a few ways to localize your marketing efforts:

1. Localize your website, first

  • Localizing your website for the city, region, or country you wish to target is the best place to start when localizing your social media. This entails translating material into the local dialects of your target areas and altering your website to appear local in each. A unique handle should ideally be created for each language translation of your website so that each is SEO-friendly. 

2. Create local pages on social media

  • You need specific social media pages for each area where you conduct business. The greatest places to start are social media sites like Facebook and Twitter because they provide local search options for consumers to find your profile. Once you've created local pages, it also becomes important to have a distinct handle for each language. To add even more local flavor, things like fresh blog entries can be shared on social media with links pointing back to the relevant language handle.

3. Audience segmentation in paid social media

  • This step intensifies your targeting and concentrates your social media posts on your core audience.  With Facebook's multiple tiers of targeting possibilities, users may be very specific. You can segment based on a variety of criteria after this targeting is set up, including age, gender, interests, marital status, work title, and more. You can use them to break down your local viewers into smaller groups and tailor posts to each group.

4. Working with local celebrities

  • Nothing is more simple than introducing well-known faces to your native audience. This is a powerful strategy for developing local relevance with your audience in their own region. They'll effectively act as your local spokesperson, and you may use them in all of your online marketing materials as well as commercials, posters, videos, and other forms of content.

Another reason localization is key to success is because your clients will know that you care about them if you go above and beyond to localize your social media presence and content. You're investing more money in order to provide them more value. This will undoubtedly be taken into account.

Interested in localizing your social media platforms? The digital marketing experts at The Moran Group can customize a strategy for your business. Contact us today and see how we can help drive sales through social media localization.






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