Introduction to Threads: What You Need to Know

Introduction to Threads: What You Need to Know

Erica Allen LeSaicherre
Social Media
Date Published:
Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Threads was launched by Meta on July 5th as a social app that would compete with X (formerly known as Twitter). Threads is integrated with your Instagram account. However, it acts as a standalone app, providing “threaded conversations.” Threads users are able to connect, communicate, and create discussions around the topics they are interested in. As of November 2023, threads had 137 million total users.

At this time, Meta is not monetizing the platform; it is likely waiting for a larger user base and continuing to build out features on the platform. But it’s likely only a matter of time! While there are currently no advertising opportunities, content creators who are publishing affiliate content are able to add a “Paid Partnership” label to inform their audience of the paid relationship.

When posting on Threads, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Any thread can be a max of 500 text characters. This limitation means you want to ensure that your content is concise and gets your point across in a relatively short format. Additionally, you can include videos or images with your content. You are limited to 10 images in one post or a video that is a max of five minutes in length. You want to make sure you are posting threads that are driving engagement with your followers. A great way to do this is to ask questions. You also want to ensure that your posts on Threads are delivering value to your audience through either solutions or insights about what you are posting about.

In late October, Meta made the move to start showing Threads posts on Facebook and Instagram as part of their effort to promote the app and increase users.

A screenshot of content on the Threads social media app

Following that update, in November, users started to see the integration of hashtags into the platform as well.

We expect to see updates to the Threads platform on a regular basis as Meta continues to build it out and listens to their users about features that they want. This means we are likely to continue to see more features enabled, as well as monetization and the ability to advertise on the platform in the future. The Moran Group will continue to keep you up to date with Threads changes as they come about and let you know the best way to continue to use the platform.


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