Increase Vehicle Sales Through Your Service Department

Increase Vehicle Sales Through Your Service Department

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Waiting for your service customers to walk into your showroom and ask to trade-in their vehicle is like cruising into warm Gulf waters and waiting for fish to jump in your boat. If you want to catch the most fish, you have to cast the most lines.It’s no secret, the easiest people to sell to are the people who have already bought from you. Better yet, it’s even easier if they are actively doing business with you! Why? You already have their...

  • CONTACT INFORMATION - Use this to communicate all that your business has to offer.
  • TRUST/LOYALTY - The best sales tool is to continuously offer them a first-class experience in every way possible.
  • ATTENTION - They come out of their way to spend time and money in your business.

Every dealership should have a system for selling to existing customers through their service department. Our clients see the most success with this approach when they establish a process and get all staff on the same page with the business goals. We suggest building a process that works best for your dealership that includes the following:

  • Present every service customer with a current appraisal of their vehicle’s value. Whether your customer is interested in trading up or not, this is a service that provides value to your customer keeping them informed and allows you to comfortably transition into a sales discussion.
  • Let them know that your dealership gets regular requests for the vehicle they own and because it’s been serviced regularly at your dealership, you’re willing to pay more for it.
  • Make the customer aware of their ability to upgrade their vehicle with little to no change in their monthly payment.
  • Educate your customer on the value of the added technology, safety, and convenience features in the newest model.
  • Let your customer know of any newly launched programs at your dealership that may come with a new/used vehicle purchase. There may be added value they’re currently missing out on.

In these discussions, be friendly, don’t push. Your customer is here for service and you want to keep them coming back. However, we encourage you and your staff to be excited to share news of the newest products in your showroom with your customers! Remember, customer service is paramount, but you’re the expert and your customer may not know what their vehicle is worth or that they can upgrade their vehicle without increasing their monthly note!There’s an old saying that goes, “Your current customers are your best prospects.” With very little setup, you should be able to identify service customers in a prime buying position and entice them with an offer on every visit.If you’d like to learn more or discuss other strategic tips for your business reach out to The Moran Group today!

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