How We Turned 54 Monthly Conversions Into 277 In Less Than A Year

How We Turned 54 Monthly Conversions Into 277 In Less Than A Year

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Monday, April 4, 2022

With urgent care locations popping up on every corner, competition has become high for the Healthcare Industry. In 2019, the Urgent Care Associate released a report that showed a 9.6% spike (9,616 total) in care centers from the previous year. For reference, in 2013, there were only 6,100 total urgent care centers. On top of that, increasing conversions and local market share against bigger hospitals and private care facilities can be challenging. However, we already had other healthcare providers under our belt and knew what to expect.

While we had experience, increasing conversions was still no easy feat in such a concentrated local market. As of March 2022, Wordstream is reporting only a 3% conversion rate from the Health & Medical industry. Especially with advertising guidelines that are constantly changing, staying up-to-date with nuances is part of the challenge. When we started with this particular account, we were capturing around 50 conversions, had an avg CPC of $4.30, and a cost/conversion of $101. To the previous agency, these were good metrics and any more significant improvement would require a larger budget from the client. In many cases this may be true. However, where most agencies end, is where we begin…

Starting with the fundamentals, we had to look at all the routine work that needs to be maintained monthly to keep the account fully optimized. Between negative keywords, target CPAs, bid adjustments, responsive search ads, optimization score, etc; these areas are crucial to maintaining a healthy CPC and market competitiveness. Not maintaining these routine tasks, can result in unnecessarily high costs and lower impression share. After a few months, we were able to improve search conversions by 48% and lower cost/conversion by 25% due to improving these areas alone. 

We then looked at strategies they were not previously targeting. This includes different campaign types, Google beta offerings, and automated bidding strategies. Being a Google Premier Partner, we had access to campaigns and communication lines that other agencies may not. This can provide the online edge you need to surpass your local competitors. Once incorporating more automated bidding strategies, our conversions increased by 413% and our cost/conversion decreased by 79%. By remaining in close contact with Google account managers, we understand how to position our clients based on the latest algorithm updates to maximize performance. We also continue to test new campaign types like Performance Max and make regular recommendations on how the client can fully optimize their account. 

Similar to a doctor, we consider every situation unique and provide the client with every opportunity to succeed. Rooted in SEM fundamentals and a proven track record, the Moran Group already knew where to look to find extra value for your money. By looking in areas other agencies did not, we provided an organization with multiple locations increased profit and peace of mind. We took on the saturated Urgent Care industry and increased conversions by 413% in less than a year’s time. 

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