How to Advertise Effectively on Broadcast Linear TV

How to Advertise Effectively on Broadcast Linear TV

Holly Andrews
Date Published:
Thursday, June 10, 2021

Despite the changing viewing habits, Broadcast television is still #1 for Reach.

How can you be effective on TV? Local News!

What is a News Buy?

A News Buy consists of strategic placement of ads during the station’s Local Early Morning News, 5pm, 6pm and 10pm Local news.  This is the station’s premium inventory.

Media Buyers negotiate and customize the following:

  • News sponsorships for clients using on-air billboards, client logo and product placement (pending type of product) within the newscasts. 
  • Client/station promotions utilizing news anchors/station talent as influencers for your product.
  • Added value to maximize the client’s budget for the most effective and cost-efficient campaign.

Not sure how to negotiate an Effective & Cost-Efficient Campaign?

The Moran Group has a team of experienced Media Buyers with over 70 years of combined media buying experience in markets throughout the country.  Our buyers can maximize your budget beyond your imagination!

4 Reasons Why Local News is Effective:

#1  TV is the Primary Source for Local News, Traffic, Weather & Sports.

  • Broadcast TV stations have a lot of value and equity in their local news and heavily promote their newscast and anchors.
  • Many stations have also expanded their local news to one hour instead of the typical thirty- minute program, because of its value and interest to the community resulting in key placement for advertisers. 

#2  Local News Keeps Viewers Engaged for Longer Periods of Time. 
  • Local News contains day to day information relevant and topical about your community. 
  • Local News is Appointment TV!  Viewers make it a point to tune into the news to watch it live as it airs. 
  • Local News is less likely to be DVR’d like your favorite primetime program where they can skip through commercials.

#3  People have trust in their local news sources. 
  • 75% of viewers trust Local Broadcast TV News.  
  • Advertising with trusted sources gives potential customers trust in a product. 

#4   Broadcast Television is the “Go To” Source for Local News.                     
  • 29% of viewers use TV for their news source.
  • Advertisers benefit as they reach and capture the attention of potential customers tuning into their local news for information. 

If you have questions about how to effectively plan your media budget, give us a call. The Moran Group's Media Team will get you results!

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