How America Listens

How America Listens

Holly Andrews
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Friday, August 19, 2022

Radio continues to reach more Americans every month than any other platform, linear or digital

According to the recent survey, Nielsen Audio 22 Today, research shows radio is strong.

Radio is the center of the total audio universe

  • As audio becomes an even more important part of our media diets, the total amount of consumption is nearly ubiquitous, meaning radio is everywhere. 
  • Radio(AM/FM) - the original ad-supported medium - alone reaches 93% of the U.S. population. 
  • Streaming music, podcasting and satellite radio’s combined monthly reach is 60%
  • When you include the unduplicated audience from ad-supported as well as ad-free streaming music services with podcasts and satellite radio, the reach rises to 99%!
  • Radio generates 55% more incremental reach when added to an audio marketing plan.


  • Podcast listeners now spend 90 minutes in their vehicles per day 
  • 51% of podcast listeners started listening to podcasts in the last two years since the pandemic
  • Comedy & News are top genres in Podcasts - with more genres growing

In the audio universe, only AM/FM radio can deliver the scale advertisers need

  • AM/FM Radio is #1 in each demographic 

Most listening away from home happens in the car

  • 70% of heavy radio consumers are now spending an hour or more daily in vehicles. 
  • People are listening more to AM/FM Radio and Podcasts when away from home
  • Streaming music, podcasting and satellite radio’s combined monthly reach is 60% 

Radio & Podcast listeners are more likely to plan major purchases in the next year

  • Take a trip that involves air travel  Radio 44%/Podcast 43%
  • Purchase new technology for home/office Radio 39%/Podcast 44%
  • Purchase a new/used vehicle Radio 30%/Podcast 34%
  • Home improvement project Radio 28%/Podcast 31%
  • Purchase a new home entertainment item Radio 26%/Podcast 37%
  • Buy a major appliance Radio 29%/Podcast 32%

How The Moran Group uses AM/FM radio for our clients

  • Our media team uses Nielsen Audio research in developing customized radio strategies for our clients. 
  • Radio allows for flexibility and creativity more now than ever before. Radio is  more than just commercials on the air.  It’s ENGAGEMENT!
  • We incorporate radio influencers as part of the media mix to increase engagement and brand awareness!  
  • Listeners are more likely to try a new product their favorite radio host suggests because they trust them.
  • Radio influencers can instantly propel a brand or product with one single mention.
  • Radio influencers often have their own podcasts their listeners will follow for extended reach.
  • We also incorporate conversation by using customized live reads and on-air mentions for listener engagement. 
  • Contesting, giveaways and social media posts are used to create a buzz of brand excitement and an increase in website search.

The Kolache Factory is one of our clients that has consistently used a radio influencer in Houston, Texas with continued success.

Reach out to us today to talk more about the impact radio has had on their business and how we can implement a similar strategy for you.

Source: Nielsen 2022 Audio Today - How America Listens

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