Five Strategies to Recruit Healthcare Workers

Five Strategies to Recruit Healthcare Workers

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

It probably isn’t a shock hearing that hospital employment has declined by almost 100,000 jobs since February 2020. However, according to labor market data company Emsi, by 2026, there could be a 3.2 million critical shortage of healthcare workers.

Now more than ever, recruiting and hiring healthcare team members, from doctors and nurses to office staff, is essential for organizational success. But the job market is more complex than it once was, and recruiting can seem daunting. These strategies can help organizations with the recruitment and retention of staff. 

1. Establish relationships with academic institutions 

First and foremost, it is crucial never to underestimate the importance of in-person relationships.

People within the emerging workforce are ready to find jobs and begin careers. Sometimes finding a job with no prior experience can be intimidating. However, half of the uncertainty is gone when organizations create relationships with academic institutions.

Potential employees can become familiar with your organization and what you have to offer simply by having a presence on campus. Some students may have already formed professional relationships with employees and are now seeking employment with your organization.  

2. Go digital

We live in the digital age, and people are connected more than ever due to the internet.

The internet is the place to go when an organization needs to extend its reach. The Moran Group can help take your digital presence to the next level with digital paid advertising.

LinkedIn offers a professional atmosphere where job seekers are looking for great job opportunities. LinkedIn advertising allows advertisers to target candidates by experience, job titles, education, and location, among other options. 

Programmatic advertising is another way to reach candidates on a digital level. The Moran Group targets specific trades and requirements when creating employment advertising. Contextual layering can be added, so ads appear on specific websites related to the healthcare industry. Retargeting ensures interested potential candidates see your ads again, so they do not forget to apply. 

Finally, Facebook should not be forgotten when it comes to recruiting. All job openings should be posted to your company’s Facebook page and promoted through boosted ads. 

3. Streamline the hiring process

Streamlining the hiring process not only makes things easier for the candidates but the organization as well.

Potential employees are looking for user-friendly applications and clear communication. They want to know what to expect during the interview process and timelines to prepare accurately.

Having defined interview protocols will ensure the internal procedure flows efficiently and effectively. The candidate will notice the ease of this process on your end and make your organization desirable as an employer.

4. Clearly define the roles

Clearly defined job roles help eliminate confusion during the recruiting process.

Ambiguity about day-to-day requirements is a deterrent. The frequently used term “wear many hats” creates more questions and fuels uncertainty about the future of that position. 

When interviewing, job searchers want to know what department they belong to, where they fit in that department and their job expectations. Establishing these parameters allows the candidate to ask productive questions about the role and organization.

5. Communicate a strong Employee Value Proposition

Your organization’s employee value proposition tells potential employees what you offer that is unique compared to other companies.

An employee value proposition goes beyond compensation and benefits and should include the following:

  • Company culture – what are your values, and how do leaders and coworkers support that vision?
  • Development and advancement – do you offer tuition assistance for employees earning a degree that would benefit their job and the organization? How do you promote from within the company?
  • Acknowledgment – how do you address when employees go above and beyond their job description? Do you acknowledge their accomplishments and contributions?
  • Trust – employees need to feel that they are trusted, but more importantly, they need to trust the organization. How does leadership demonstrate their trustworthiness, and how does it apply to the betterment of the organization?
  • Empowerment – are employees empowered to advocate for their well-being, and how do you help them?
  • Diversity – do you provide a rich, diverse, and inclusive work environment where all employees are accepted and thrive?

Healthcare recruiting will never be one size fits all. Contact The Moran Group today if you are struggling to find great candidates and don’t know where to start.

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