Get the Most Out of Your SRPs and VDPs with Simple Call-To-Action Changes

Get the Most Out of Your SRPs and VDPs with Simple Call-To-Action Changes

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Date Published:
Friday, March 4, 2022

One goal of a dealership’s Search Results page and Vehicle Description page is to generate leads from their online customers. Product interest, phone calls, and form leads can be generated through effective merchandising on the website. Effective merchandising includes having high-quality and numerous photos of the vehicle, listing features of the vehicle, highlighting relevant facts about the vehicle, and more. One of the merchandising items that can often get overlooked is the “CTA (call to action) button.” Although this is a seemingly small item on the page, optimizing your CTA button can have significant results. Our job at The Moran Group is to effectively and strategically implement strong, relevant, and visible calls to action that offer immediate value for customers to optimize the shopper’s journey throughout these pages.

Through research and case studies, our team had the opportunity to learn how a simple call-to-action change of verbiage can positively impact leads. By simply changing the verbiage on this Texas dealer’s website, we were able to achieve an increase in leads without spending any more advertising dollars. (Note that in Texas, using “e-price” or internet price verbiage is not allowed):

The Recommendation:
  • Our Recommendation: Switch to “Get Today’s Price” or “Get ABC Dealer’s Price”
    Our Reason: The client’s SRPs and VDPs have “Check Availability” call-to-action isn’t a top performing call-to-action compared to others
  • After data analysis and testing, we concluded that “Get Today’s Price” or “Get [Dealership’s] Price” call-to-action verbiage typically performs better than “Check Availability” call-to-action verbiage which isn’t typically a top performer
The Goal:
  • Our Goal: Adjust SRP and VDP call-to-action to generate more valuable leads from the client's online customers
Tracking the Data:
  • We changed the “Check Availability” call-to-action to “Get DEALER”s PRICE on SRPs and VDPs
    Our team generated a 4-Week Data Pull from Analytics to observe call-to-action change analysis
The Results:
  • Form submissions increased by 4.95% (191 vs 182)
  • Form submission rate increased by 16% (1.08% vs 0.92%)
  • Form Submissions increased by 28.57% (171 vs 133)
  • Form Submission rate increased by 32.41% (1.43% vs 1.08%)
  • This call-to-action change from “Check Availability” to “Get [Dealership’s] Price” had a positive effect for conversion rates on both the SRPs and VDPs with with VDPs showing the most positive impact

Need help optimizing your website call-to-action and maximizing online customer leads? Give our team at The Moran Group a call and let us help keep your customers engaged with the push of a button!

Call The Moran Group at 225-769-1059 or schedule a meeting online today!

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