Best Practices For Your CRM Templates

Best Practices For Your CRM Templates

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Sending out a CRM email is a great way to stay top of mind with your existing customer base. When setting up CRM email templates, we recommend brief templates that will drive the customer to complete the desired action.

Links:We recommend using key terms to link to in your templates and to make those links as relevant as possible. If you are mentioning that you have the best prices on new 2018’s you would want to link ‘new 2018’s’ to your 2018 inventory. Keep in mind though that too many links or links that do not have relevant key terms can trigger spam filters. We also recommend using tracking URL’s so you are able to see in Google Analytics how many people from your CRM email land on your site.

Personalization:Using personalization whenever possible, either in the subject line or the email body, makes the email seem - well, personalized to the customer who is receiving it. It feels less like a mass broadcast and more like you are reaching out to that customer directly to let them know what you can do for them.

Testing Your Template:To make sure that your template display correctly, you want to test it on as many devices as possible; desktop, mobile, tablet if you have it. Basically, any way you think a customer may open your email should be tested if possible. This is also a good time to not only make sure everything is displaying properly but to also proofread your email again to ensure there are no mistakes.

Additional Tips:Include links to your social media whenever possible - your signature is a great place to do this.Templates should all have a unique name; making them easy to find in your CRM and helping identify them.Always include an unsubscribe option - it not only is helpful if those who receive the email no longer wish to but if an email server detects that you are sending a marketing email without an unsubscribe link it may trigger spam filters.Not all the emails you send from your CRM need to be sales-oriented. Customers also like to know about how you are involved in the community or any events you might be hosting at the dealership. You can also send them emails to show you remember them on a day that is special to them - birthday, purchase anniversary, or even holidays.Creating some templates in your CRM will make it easier to send out quick updates to your existing customer base and keep your dealership top of mind. If you have questions or would like a free marketing plan analysis, please contact The Moran Group today!

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