Best Practices for Political Advertising in 2020

Best Practices for Political Advertising in 2020

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Monday, August 3, 2020

Political advertising is set to look very different in the upcoming 2020 election. With in-person events all but nonexistent, candidates will not be hitting the proverbial campaign trail this fall. Crossing the nation to look voters in the eye as they shake hands and make bold promises is reckless behavior that just cannot be tolerated in the current climate. As such, parties are striving to create compelling ad content that resonates with audiences on a deeper level to breathe life into campaigns.

Political cycles are typically unpredictable and full of surprises, but there is a cold, hard truth you can take to the bank. You must reach your target audience, or your campaign has no chance of success. In politics, efficacy is measured by the impact on your call to action. With so much at stake, it's crucial to ensure your marketing strategy is on point and well received. Fortunately, the explosion of digital content has created a robust opportunity for political advertisers this fall, and consumers are primed for the late summer ad saturation.

Traditional delivery channels have constraints

Relying on conventional delivery methods for political advertising means you must often choose between sharing your candidate's story and reaching your target audience. Television is by far the most popular medium for message delivery, eating up a large portion of the budget. The challenge with this method lies in the ability to target audiences, or a lack thereof.

Banner advertisements on websites, on the other hand, allow for more precise targeting but limit message delivery. Furthermore, analytical targeting historically meant limited storytelling, and linear broadcasting meant blanket advertising with plenty of waste.

In the emotive world of politics, you should never use the words "waste" and "budget" in the same sentence, much less plan to do it deliberately. Here at The Moran Group, we understand that every single dollar counts and can help you delegate your advertising to the best channels for your situation.

Soaring to new heights with digital innovation

Forward-thinking strategies for innovation in advertising can help to identify key trends in the 2020 political advertising arena. It can also ensure that savvy advertisers with dynamic campaigns land their messages squarely in the laps of voters this election year. How's that for competitive advantage?

Consider the hallmarks of a successful political advertising strategy. As younger generations age into their voting rights and mature voters cut the cable cord, linear television is no longer a viable advertising medium. This one-size-fits-all approach just isn't effective with today's fervid over-informed constituents. So, what's the digital Hail Mary play for the 2020 election? It is OTT, or "over-the-top," advertising, and it's got some surprising advantages over other mediums.

Why OTT advertising is a must for this election year

OTT advertising is more than just an ode to the shift in consumer behavior. It is the fundamental element of a successful political advertising strategy in 2020. Why? The two most important words in the world of political advertising make it so. "Time" and "Target" are at the center of every successful political marketing strategy, and OTT advertising allows stunning precision in both aspects. Let's enumerate.

Video delivery is one of the most effective communication strategies in advertising. It inspires voters to act on delivery based on emotion and conviction. Almost 75% of households in America stream video content to at least one connected device in the home. OTT advertising delivers your message to its full audience potential across any and all digital screens. It also offers the ability to reach audience segments at the granular level based on data-driven identification techniques.

OTT advertising in the political realm can help you move past affiliation and demographics to key indicators that really matter to the electorate, delivering a highly targeted, effective message. According to AdWeek, up to 40% of young adults who are likely to vote escape political ad content completely, quite simply because it isn't targeted at them. OTT advertising is the best way to reach that audience.

Innovation in political advertising

OTT political advertising is your window into a data-driven strategy with actionable insights. Data and smarter advertising tools are some of the most effective elements for swaying the hearts of the voting public. Securing your reach early with a diverse video buy, the right partner, and OTT advertising can be the distinguishing features between a strong, highly relevant political ad campaign and one that misses the mark completely.

Additionally, political ad spend is expected to top $6 billion in the 2020 presidential election season. DMP Tru Optik, a political data cloud service, predicts OTT advertising will only account for 8-12% of the total ad spend revenue. This research shows that the demand for OTT advertising is still lagging behind viewership, presenting political campaign marketers with a truly unique opportunity. While it accounts for nearly 30% of the viewing, ad spend in this category is trailing behind at only about 3%, leaving the field wide open to ingenious political advertisers.

Just to sweeten the pot, video completion rates are nearly 100% for OTT advertising because you can't simply skip the ad or close the browser. What's more, a Pew Research Center survey indicates that over 60% of young adults ages 18-29 only watch television through streaming services. OTT advertising with The Moran Group gives you the opportunity to capture that audience. Furthermore, this is completely unspoiled land with low-to-no ad fraud since streaming platforms are closed controlled systems. It's like the land of opportunity for political advertising managers.

What's next?

The digital marketplace is growing increasingly sophisticated. While traditional television is still a powerful advertising medium, OTT advertising with The Moran Group gives you more bang for your buck in a targeted fashion with virtually no wasted resources. Contact us today to see how we can help you get a competitive advantage and ensure a return on your political ad spend this year.

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