Beacon Based Marketing and Google’s Project Beacon

Beacon Based Marketing and Google’s Project Beacon

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Friday, February 22, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our VP, Head of Digital, Kathryn Lemoine, was in San Jose last week for Google Marketing Live and was able to get the inside scoop on several new Google Products coming soon. One of those new products is called “Project Beacon.” Nick Robichaux, Creative Director, interviewed Kathryn to get the details:Nick: Break it down... What is a beacon?Kathryn: A beacon is simply a small device that you can place in a specific location to transmit Bluetooth low-energy signals to another device. Beacons are used to better determine a location and send advertising messages to a consumer’s mobile phone. Basically, a beacon identifies those close to its proximity and then is able to communicate with their mobile phones via notifications. Nick: What is Google’s Project Beacon?Kathryn: Google’s Project Beacon aims to send beacons to all Google My Business locations in order to increase the accuracy of information and tracking. This could lead to higher visibility on Google Maps, increased accuracy of visits (and time of visits) to a business location, and more accurate insights. Nick: When will customers start receiving beacons?Kathryn: Google has started sending beacons and hopes to have delivered to businesses with a claimed Google My Business profile by the end of 2018. As recently as last week, we had a local dentist receive a Google Beacon. He sent us a snapshot to preview:

Nick: What can I do to get a beacon from Google?Kathryn: Make sure your GMB (Google My Business) listing is claimed and current. Google will automatically send beacons to current listings, with the goal of the majority of businesses having them by the end of this year. Also, reach out to us, The Moran Group, to request an earlier release of a Google Beacon.Nick: What should I do when I receive a beacon?Kathryn: Follow the instructions and set it up!Nick: How else can I utilize beacons for marketing and advertising?Kathryn: Beacons give you the advantage to talk to consumers near your location and products. You can use beacons in a variety of ways including:

  1. Welcome a customer to your business – send a special welcome message as soon as they walk through your door.
  2. Send messages or special offers about specific products to your consumers; these messages can be set to be sent to your customer after he or she interacts for so many minutes with your products.
  3. Add a “Tap to Text the Owner” feature – provide better customer service to all in your store.

These benefits are just the beginning! We're excited for our clients to start receiving and integrating these beacons right away. If you have any questions, would like help requesting early access, or even just setting it up, please contact us at The Moran Group.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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