AI Takes Center Stage: Google Marketing Live 2024

AI Takes Center Stage: Google Marketing Live 2024

Ray Thibodaux
Date Published:
Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Did you catch Google Marketing Live? It was a whirlwind of announcements about new features and a clear focus on the future of AI-powered marketing. Based on the latest Google Marketing Live announcements, we're excited to share key updates that will enhance our Google Ads strategies and ultimately improve campaign performance for our clients.

New Places to Reach Customers: Ads in AI Overviews

AI Overviews, the content summaries now generated at the top of search results for complex search queries, are now commonly shown for all users across the US. Currently, ads are displayed above and below the Overview but soon, Google will begin testing ads within the content of the AI summary. This is a powerful new way to reach potential customers at the exact moment they're looking for solutions you offer. No additional opt-in is required – existing Search, Shopping, and Performance Max campaigns are eligible to appear in these AI Overviews as they roll out later this year.

Performance Max Gets Smarter

We've all been waiting for this! Performance Max campaigns are about to get a major upgrade with granular asset-level reporting. This means we’ll begin to see exactly which images, videos, and text formats resonate best with our target audience. Imagine identifying top-performing headlines or visuals and using those insights to optimize your campaigns for even better results. Plus, Google has promised more control over YouTube placements within Performance Max. Don't want our ads showing up on a specific channel? No problem! This level of control ensures our client’s message reaches the right audience.

Google Steps Up Its Game in Ad Creation

Google Ads is introducing expanded AI capabilities that can generate high-quality images and videos for your ads based on your campaign goals and target audience. Plus, new in-platform editing tools allow you to add or remove objects, animate still images, and more. This means you can create fresh, engaging creative that perfectly aligns with your brand.

The Future is Bright (and AI-Powered!)

These updates from Google Marketing Live paint a clear picture: AI is here to help us create more effective and efficient ad campaigns. Our Performance Marketing team is staying ahead of the curve, working closely with Google to ensure we leverage these new features to their full potential and deliver even better results for your brand.

Stay tuned for more updates as these features become available!

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