5 Google My Business Features You May Not Know About - From The Moran Group Advertising 

5 Google My Business Features You May Not Know About - From The Moran Group Advertising 

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Today, we want to walk you through five features that are not-so-common when it comes to GMB. You may not even know they exist! These are by no means required or even an exhaustive list of what you can add to your Google My Business listing. These five features are a great starting point to give your Google My Business listing that extra edge to separate you from your competitors.

  1. Google My Business Posts: In 2019, Google rolled out the “Post” feature to GMB listings. This posting feature allows businesses to publish additional messaging to their profile that is shown on both desktop and mobile devices. Google My Business posts are a great way to feature business news, sales events, new product launches, and more.

    When creating a post, there are a few key elements you’ll need. First you’ll need to choose a post type. Google has preset options here: COVID-19 Update, Offer, General Update, Event, or Product. Select the category that best fits your messaging. Once you’ve landed on the type of post you want to publish, you’ll need to add an image, headline, run dates (if applicable), additional details, disclaimer (if applicable), and a call to action button. Call to action options include links back to a website or a click to call feature that rings to the phone number on your GMB listing.
  1. Years In Business: In the GMB “Info” tab, there’s an optional field to drop in an opening date. This is not required, but it’s a great chance for you to show how long you’ve been around in order to build credibility. Year and month details are required, but you can get as granular as down to the day. When this field is input, you’re able to see a “Years in Business” call out with your listing:
Years In Business Google My Business Feature - Baton Rouge Attorney

  1. More Hours Feature: In May 2020, Google rolled out an exciting addition to businesses’ hours sections. Instead of only having one set of hours, businesses can now add additional “more hours” sets based on specific offerings. Do you have a happy hour? Drop in specific hours for it! Set senior hours? Separate it out! Not all “More hours” options will apply to your business, but we recommend setting any that do. “More hours” GMB options include: Access hours, Brunch hours, Delivery hours, Drive through hours, Happy hours, Kitchen hours, Online service hours, Pickup hours, Senior hours, and Takeout hours.

Google My Business More Hours Features For Listings

  1. Health & Safety Attributes: Given the current environment, Google now allows businesses to clearly outline what health and safety measures their staff and customers must participate in when visiting. Businesses are now able to list their cleaning measures - and say if appointments are required, masks required, and temperature checks required - directly on their GMB listing.
Health Safety Features on GMB Listing - Advertising Agency in New Orleans
  1. Bookings: Google My Business has a feature that directly integrates bookings with your business listing. Customers can easily book their next appointment with you when this is enabled. You must integrate with a Google approved vendor, but when live, you’ll notice a blue “Book Online” button that shows prominently on your GMB listing in search results. 

Again, these are just a handful of additional features you may not be using on your GMB listing. We always recommend businesses have as many integrations and features built out as possible in order to maximize your visibility and capture your customers on search. Have questions on how to set these up or about Google My Business in general? Get in touch with our Moran Group Advertising team today! We can walk you through all the things Google My Business has to offer. 

If you’re a local, small business, chances are you’ve heard of Google My Business (also commonly referred to as GMB). GMB is a free feature Google allows businesses to claim. Once claimed, you’re able to drop in your business details like name, address, hours, website, phone number, and more. Once verified and optimized, your Google My Business listing has the opportunity to show in related searches for your customers! Not familiar with Google My Business? Here’s the basics of how to add and claim your business.

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