4 Reasons to Include Cable TV in Your Media Strategy

4 Reasons to Include Cable TV in Your Media Strategy

Amie Ladner
Date Published:
Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Advertising on cable television has many advantages for advertisers and can be a very promising choice for maximizing ad budgets.  Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons to consider cable television advertising.

1. Emotional Connection:

Television advertising, cable as well as broadcast television, allows consumers to see and feel a product through a message delivered with sight, sound, and motion.  Television has an elevated perception in the consumer’s mind.  This conveys positive brand identity and enables advertisers to engage the hearts and minds of consumers, creating an emotional connection and establishes credibility.

2. Halo Effect:

Television increases awareness with its scale and legitimizes the advertiser, this drives lift to the advertiser’s website and significantly improves the performance and ROI of digital and other advertising.  Television has proven results beyond upper funnel awareness.

3. Geographic Targeting:

Cable advertising is sold in geographic areas, called zones.  Buying zoned cable allows an advertiser to geographically target areas that are more in line with their target geographic market.  Narrowing the geographical area makes it easier to achieve high reach and frequency within that target area.  This lowers the investment and reduces waste.

4. Audience Targeting:

Using 1st party data from the set top boxes in the cable homes and 3rd party data we are able to build campaigns to run in programs, time periods and networks that reach your target demographic based upon interests, shopping habits, household demographics and many other factors.  Delivering the message to the homes that matter the most.

All the benefits of television advertising, along with eliminating geographic waste and delivering the message to homes that matter the most, maximize an advertising budget, and make cable television an efficient advertising medium.

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