The Moran Group Leverages Technology To Add Benefits for Employees

The Moran Group Leverages Technology To Add Benefits for Employees

Nick Robichaux
Date Published:
Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Through its 40 year history as an advertising agency, The Moran Group has always embraced change. In the early 2000s, when technology and digital media began to shift how businesses market their products and services, The Moran Group dove in head first. By 2008 we had an entire digital media department that now services nearly 200 clients across the country, and employs over 70+ full-time team members. A majority of these employees now work from the comfort of home. When Covid-19 forced many companies to reduce their workforce, The Moran Group did what it had always done; leverage technology to propel its business forward.

In 2020, instead of reducing its workforce, The Moran Group continued to invest in people and technology to provide the best possible service and products to its clients. Technology and a “work from home” culture allowed The Moran Group to attract top-tier talent across the nation by giving them the tools necessary to fully integrate into the agency, while providing the flexibility and benefits many employees have come to expect. “Our business was built on over servicing our clients. By allowing our employees to work remotely by empowering them with more tools and technology, we’ve been able to up our game. We now have team members working from Seattle to Philadelphia and it's as if we’re all in the same office”, said Jim Moran, the company’s founder and President. “I made the decision to go all in on our company’s future workforce model. We reduced our office footprint, but still have flexible workspaces in our home Baton Rouge office for the times we need to meet face to face. We’re now holding more virtual meetings, which has reduced travel time and has given us more time to focus on our clients' needs.” 

The Moran Group was founded in New Orleans in 1983. It now employs 70+ full-time team members working in 10 states. They are the second largest advertising agency in Louisiana based on employment. They provide marketing strategy, digital marketing, traditional media buying, and creative services to nearly 200 clients, nationwide.

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