Performance Advertising on YouTube

Performance Advertising on YouTube

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Google’s YouTube platform is in the process of adding new features and functionality that will enhance targeting, increase measurement, and help advertisers achieve a higher yield on their advertising investment. Fueling this exciting leap forward is Google’s ability to now connect Google searches with YouTube targeting!86% of people use Google for product research during the purchase journey. YouTube is now able to serve relevant ads to shoppers soon after they conduct specific keyword searches. This unlocks a new level of targeting for advertisers given that 85% of people who use Google search are also on YouTube.Pairing a better level of targeting with the following new formats and features will strengthen YouTube’s ability to connect shoppers and advertisers:

  1. TrueView for Action - Enhance your ad with a clickable call to action button below the video to drive a number of actions: Get a Quote, Buy Now, Learn More.
  2. Location Extensions - Get directions, call the business, see store hours, read reviews, and navigate to the advertiser’s site without leaving YouTube.
  3. TrueView for Action Lead Ads - Allows you to drive leads (email, name, and/or phone numbers) through in-line form submission by the user.

And finally, YouTube is beefing up its ability to increase measurement by tracking conversions such as store visits, previously only available through search.Reach people based on their searches and habits on Google. Convert them on YouTube with new action-oriented ad formats. Measure when a YouTube ad click or view drives a conversion.Speak with a digital specialist at The Moran Group today to see how YouTube could elevate your digital retail strategy!

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