34 years of advertising experience.

Jim Moran, Jr.

COO & Founder

Throughout his 34 years at The Moran Group, Jim Moran, Jr., has led the strategic development and execution of thousands of campaigns.  Approaching his 2 billionth dollar in automotive advertising, Jim understands the importance of consistent and clear communication while adapting to the best communication channels for the market and the audience.  Jim is a thought leader in the automotive advertising space, and his opinion is respected and sought by numerous dealers, OEMs, and other business leaders.

The Moran Group is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a second location in the Silicon Valley of the South—New Orleans.

Working exclusively in the automotive space allows our nearly 100 employees to be uniquely qualified to assist dealers and dealer associations on the daily challenges they face, with their in-depth understanding of the automotive business.

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