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The Moran Group is an eclectic bunch of advertising professionals passionate about the marketing world. For nearly 40 years, as a fully integrated ad agency, we have partnered with our clients to make local, regional, & national leaders.

API Developer

Full Time
New Orleans, LA

Our small development team works closely with almost every other department of the agency so a collaborative attitude is a must have.

The value that we provide takes many shapes; here are some examples:

  • Automation – Using software to make internal processes more efficient.
  • Products – We are in the process of enhancing a custom client-facing dashboard; our most ambitious project yet.
  • Tracking – In order that our clients can see the value we are providing, we need to track results from our marketing efforts. Much of our time is spent maintaining code that provides this tracking.
  • Reporting – As a team, we try to deliver unique month-end reporting solutions for our clients. This often involves custom development and creative input from developers.
  • Dynamic Marketing Campaigns – Driven entirely by software. These programs generate marketing assets based on the current inventory of our clients.